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    Another trophy hunter video is making the rounds on social media. A guy shot a lion while it was sleeping. It appears to be a pretty effective shot that dispatched the lion quickly, but the guy is taking all kinds of flak for doing it. Obviously a certain section of the population is going to hate killing a lion regardless of the surrounding circumstances, but this guy is getting a lot of criticism for shooting it while it was sleeping. Apparently a lot of people don't think it's sporting to shoot a sleeping lion.

    Trophy hunting isn't my thing. Even if I had pockets deep enough to do it, I'd probably prefer to go out west to bag an elk because elk steak is awesome. But, I also understand the conservation value of trophy hunting so I'm not really going to criticize those who choose to do it. What's everyone else's take on it?
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    If it's legal and done right then I'm all for it. I probably wouldn't personally but to each their own. I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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      I'm ambivalent......if proceeds from this trophy hunt were used for conservation efforts or the betterment of the local people then that's cool although I'm not thrilled with the idea a shooting an apex predator, especially if there was really no "sport" involved.
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        Originally posted by thughes View Post
        especially if there was really no "sport" involved.
        The 'sport' part I can go back and forth on. If the lion had been awake and moving it would have seemed more "sporting". But, if the lion had been awake and moving there's a chance the shot wouldn't have been as precise and it wouldn't have been as clean of a kill. But, if you're not skilled enough to make a clean kill on a moving lion you shouldn't be shooting a lion.....etc.

        The big takeaway from this is that if I ever go trophy hunting I'm not putting photos or videos of the hunt online.
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          A friend goes to Africa every few years to do this. Local village had a elephant that wasn’t afraid to come through and destroy huts and crops. They needed a experienced hunter to kill it. He said he would until they told him the price. $15,000 and he would get no trophy parts. Declined!
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            As a hunter, I have trouble with the whole shooting it while it's sleeping. I also struggled a bit with the feral hog hunt I went on a few years ago in a 200 acre pen. It's definitely not something I'd make a habit of. There's an ethical side to this that isn't cut and dry, and often leaves a lot of grey area.
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              Suppose its better than shooting your trophy wife while sleeping...