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    I know it keeps getting deleted everywhere and the socialist tech company's are blatantly blocking it at every opportunity but have any of you guys seen this? i'm watching it now on my phone and trying to figure out how to link it here.

    it is crazy how quick google and the like are sweeping it under the rug, you can't even properly search for it. all they are pushing to the top are articles that are trying to put down the doctors as frauds and psuedo-doctors. mainstream media outlets are quickly using words like "false and dubious claims"

    found using duckduckgo:

    it even looks like someone has taken their site down in the last few hours even:
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    i'm surprisingly watching it on "deepwire" on facebook currently


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      i am not qualified to comment on their information, especially at this time, although it really jives with a lot we've been hearing in the back channels the last few months. But it's the rabid and immediate smear campaign launch so broadly against them that has me so interested.


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        I honestly think even posting about it here is causing site problems, you guys can delete this thread if you want, i can't figure out how to.


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          incredibly interesting !
          I did get this information yesterday, but what I find incredulous, is that this Site (Avid) was down
          for hours after Your post
          wtf ..??
          I am certainly no "conspiracy " guy
          and I am "Fact" based
          but the level of Google Censorship is lately incredible
          sic semper boogaloo


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            Originally posted by big flash View Post
            I honestly think even posting about it here is causing site problems, you guys can delete this thread if you want, i can't figure out how to.
            So you're the reason the site was down yesterday?

            The amount of effort going into the hydroxychloroquine debate is crazy. As far as I know you can only get it with a doctor's prescription, so the fact that there is so much effort to downplay its potential use against COVID makes me think there must be political motivations.

            As far as I know there ARE doctors prescribing it in the US for treatment of COVID. There are so many variables involved in prescribing it, that any blanket statements one way or the other about its effectiveness are pretty much guaranteed to be BS.

            Meanwhile, there are drug commercials on TV that include mildly terrifying lists of side effects and nobody is saying those commercials should be censored.
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              HAHA best edit reason ever

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            YEAH, I don't think it can be a coincidence of timing that i posted this and then there were site problems. oye


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                sic semper boogaloo