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When does tyranny become so blatant that there is no way to ignore it?

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  • When does tyranny become so blatant that there is no way to ignore it?

    Because if s hit like this doesn't fall under the heading of "tyranny", I'm not sure if anything does.

    Planes? Sure...what about private air travel, or ships, or trains, or buses, or cars, or any other means of transportation that bring literally thousands of travelers into NY on a daily basis? How are you going to talk with each person that enters NY to determine where they came from, where they're going, how long they are staying, where they are staying, and how to stay in contact with them? Who is building and managing this data base? What if I arrived yesterday from a state that is not on NY's black list but that state goes on the blacklist next week? What if you pull me over for having out of state plates and ask me how long I have been here.....I can tell you anything I want and you have no way to prove it. This is ludicrous, nothing but a blatant grab of power by emperor douchenozzle. SMFH.
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    Yeah this is just one more crazy ass blatant power grab in a long string of them.


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      well .....
      I got into what turned out to be a 2 hour "discussion" at the Livingston County Courthouse yesterday
      they now have a Deputy stationed at the entrance to the Clerks office, take your temperature, answer a list of questions as to "have you been to NYC" .. "have you been out of the Country" .. etc
      a new METAL DETECTOR
      does such an Instrument detect a Virus .. ?? bwaahahaha

      sooo anyways, after 15 minutes there were 6 Deputies around me
      "why won't you answer these questions "

      Me: my I see a warrant from a Judge, please .??
      What Crime am I suspect of at this time ..??
      Please quote the statutory Authority from the NYS Penal Law for which you seek this info
      over the top


      I got my court papers filed, they had to get the Watch Commander there
      "cop shop" is right next door
      was fun for me, but as I expressed, I am old, and do not need this excitment
      I need all your names, and badge numbers Now

      the Constitution, to the best of my understanding, has not been suspended
      do not put up with this crap

      hope You like this, thug
      sic semper boogaloo