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I'm not one for false flag events, but...

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  • I'm not one for false flag events, but...

    Who remembers that kid from a couple years ago who wanted to blow up an Oklahoma City bank building, ala Timothy McVeigh?

    I barely remember it, but I just ran across a story about it.

    "What the public should be looking at is the fact that the FBI gave our son the means to make this happen. He has no job, no money, no vehicle, and no driver’s license, due to the fact that he is schizophrenic and we; his parents do everything we can possible to keep him safe and functional."

    This is what our FBI is doing? Giving the means to a mentally ill kid who had zero resources of his own to carry out this plan, so they could charge him with terrorism?

    I don't recall any of this info being in the news when it was announced, that's for sure.

    Then there's this... a sketchy sounding informant? Who knows if it's true, but wow.

    Finally, there's the sentencing, after he was convicted, When and what was it? According to this story, the sentencing should have
    been months ago, but just try and find it anywhere. I can't.

    From Feb. 25th.

    "Prosecutors said Varnell will remain in custody until his sentencing, which will be scheduled in about 90 days."

    Now where is my tinfoil hat? I might have to raid the kitchen cabinets.
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    watch the Documentary "A Noble Lie"
    I personally know the Atty that filed a "stop execution"" Order, not because he was McVieghs atty
    but because it was "destruction of evidence"

    btw, Pop
    Mc veigh was a local boy here
    “The function of the law is not to provide justice or to preserve freedom. The function of the law is to keep those who hold power in power.” – Gerry Spence