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Hopefully the others don't take heed

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  • Hopefully the others don't take heed

    I can only hope these idiots continue to try to out-do each other with gun control promises!
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    Ha. I voted in that Twitter poll.

    Swalwell also posted on Twitter saying people could use one of their dollars to either buy half a bag of potato chips or donate it to his campaign to help put him in the race. The responses were almost unanimously harsh and unanimously in favor of buying some chips.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.


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      Even ol' slick Willy Clinton knew that this gun control push was political suicide back in the late 90's. Funny how no one, including his hag wife, listened.
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        SwallowWell should just realize that the sentiment in this Country, is not that of the vocal minority ..thus the election of Ttrump
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          Shhh.....let them continue to be oblivious to the silent majority.

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        It's always hilarious when this dunderhead appears on Tucker Carlsons show.
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