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  • How do we get the word out?

    A man in a Texan prison, already charged with murdering an 81-year-old woman, was charged in May with murdering 11 more elderly women ranging in age from 76 to 94. The accused serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, worked in home health care and allegedly posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to his victims’ homes.

    This awful story should have been big national news. It wasn’t. Chemirmir is a Kenyan citizen living illegally in the United States and hadn’t been deported despite two prior jail stints for driving while intoxicated convictions, plus another for assaulting a girlfriend.

    Because Chemirmir used pillows, not guns, to kill his victims, his crimes presented no opportunity for gun-control advocates to manipulate the story. To be blunt, his race (black), legal status (illegal), and murder weapon (pillows) were all factors that ensured that this story wouldn’t receive the attention it would have if these factors were otherwise.
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    Side note: I think I read that a serial killer may be operating in the WNY area.

    Edit: Not exactly recent news.
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