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Proof of voter fraud in Broward County, Fla

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  • Proof of voter fraud in Broward County, Fla

    see the Affidavit in the link--
    “The function of the law is not to provide justice or to preserve freedom. The function of the law is to keep those who hold power in power.” – Gerry Spence

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      Voter fraud really doesn't exist in the US. It's a myth propagated by right wing deplorables to try to disenfranchise minority and disadvantaged people. Don't believe your lying eyes. It's a myth. Never happens. Those statistical anomalies in certain urban districts aren't anything to be concerned with. Those project veritas videos that showed Democrat workers bragging about bussing voters to different voting districts and registering illegals to vote was just a dishonestly edited video. Everything was taken out of context. It's all a myth..... except the part about the Russians rigging the election for Trump. That's all legit.
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