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Well, what do you know about that......

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  • Well, what do you know about that......

    And look who is reporting this!
    Beer is like porn, you can buy it but it's more fun to make your own

    I have to bend over too far

    I get a boner.

    bareback every couple of days, GTG. Bareback, brokeback, same $hit!

    I joined a support group to help me deal with my social anxiety but I just can't seem to work up the nerve to go to a meeting......

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    So someone actually decided to do some journalism work and investigate this stuff? I'm sure they'll lose their job soon.

    The lack of concern for accurate information at the reporting agency is mildly disturbing. "Not our problem for doing a crappy job" seems about right for a government agency who's information will help determine how many millions of taxpayer dollars get spent. "Oh you want to provide clarification to help us make our report more accurate? Too bad the deadline has passed."
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    I was thinking of his cannon.