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  • Google/Facebook Duopoly

    Working in marketing means I have to pay attention to the latest ad news from Facebook and Google. The ad placement side of the business is not really my responsibility where I work, but I still have to have some idea what's going on. A couple years ago I was reading some articles on the subject and considering the current online marketing landscape and I had a bit of en epiphany that Google and Facebook were working cooperatively on certain things so they could dominate the market. I can't remember exactly why I came to that conclusion at the time, but trust me it was definitely insightful and intelligent. Bigly. I probably just didn't really hang onto the thought because I had no idea what to do with the information. But I digress.....

    Now we've got some antitrust suits being filed against Google and Facebook. I probably haven't been paying as much attention as I should, and the media probably isn't covering it as much as they should, but I caught this article at The Chive. They're not usually a source for news, but they provide an interesting take on the situation that got me curious. I will probably be doing some more research now.

    They are doing all of this while also crushing free enterprise on the internet. Which brings us to this post today.

    You see, when you harm publishers, you also harm the end user, and that’s you. You are collateral damage in the biggest landgrab in the history of modern society.

    At the same time the government launched their probe, the top publishers in the country had gathered for an emergency summit in New York. Advertising dollars from 2015-2018 were slowly declining. 2019 trends were showing an alarming trend with programmatic revenues in freefall industry-wide. Ad revenue across publishing was down over 50%??? There’s gotta be an explanation for this?
    I'm personally not as active on Facebook as I used to be.

    From my job experience, Google is another beast entirely. Google advertising is some shady stuff, and I'm not sure how many people have a really solid understanding on everything they do with your ad placements and ad dollars. Even some of the people I talk to who are what I'd consider experts about google advertising admit that not everything has a clear explanation. The kicker is that there seems to be a large amount of secondary business built around google advertising. It's complex and confusing stuff that takes a while to learn, so businesses often outsource their google advertising to experts..... who may or may not really know everything that's going on, or be able to provide substantially better ROI than the average Joe. But hey, the business owner no longer has to worry about it, so mission accomplished.

    Meanwhile, ad performance fluctuates and the experts say google algorithms are adjusting to get the best performance out of your ad..... even as performance metrics might be declining overall.
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