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Transgender Victoria's Secret Model

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  • Transgender Victoria's Secret Model

    Has our culture officially jumped the shark? How does the feminist movement feel about having men take women's jobs?

    Underwear brand Victoria's Secret has hired Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio -- the company's first openly transgender model -- Sampaio's agent has confirmed.
    The Brazilian model posted an image of herself to her Instagram account on Thursday, tagging a Victoria's Secret account in the post and using the hashtags #vspink, #campaign and #diversity.

    Days later, the model posted a video of herself with the caption "Never stop dreaming genteee" and hashtags including #staytuned, #vspink and #diversity.
    Many took the posts to mean Sampaio had been hired by the lingerie brand, making her the first openly transgender model to model for the firm.
    Sampaio's agent, Erio Zanon, confirmed to CNN on Monday that Sampaio had been hired by Victoria's Secret for a campaign, to be released in mid-August, for its PINK line.
    Victor's Secret?

    So many disturbing questions.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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    Nah, not really. Some dude just figured out the ultimate way to get into their dressing room.
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    I get a boner.

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      Sticky Lips at High Noon!


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        it seems this mostly only goes one way ...
        perhaps it's not obvious, however, that there are big, ugly women looking for a AddaDicktoMe
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