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How was Christmas?

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  • How was Christmas?

    All the kids were home this year, possibly the last time for a while as they are all headed in different directions in their lives. It was a great Christmas for the family. No drama, as a couple of in-laws were specifically excluded.

    Did anyone get anything gun related for Christmas?

    My kids gave me a HoloSun HS403GL red dot sight and some different sized range ammo bags.
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    no gun stuff here, only child is moving from Cali to Florida for a new position at Lockheed Martin so he was way to busy to make the trip here to east bummfukk
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      My daughter and my brother came over for food and adult beverages, otherwise just another day in the life.

      Didn't get any gun stuff but I did buy myself some nice new riding gear.
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      • thughes
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        The new Klim Carlsbad jacket, Scorpion EXO helmet, and Alpinestars Corozal off-road boots.

        I've got a Klim Latitude but it's a bit too big for me now (know anybody looking for a barely used XXL?) and the Alpinestars touring boots are nice but wanted something with some real support for my occasional attempts at pretending a 600lb pig is a dirt bike.

      • Norm DeGuerre
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        Holy Crap !!!
        $500-$600 for non leather... Yeoouch
        I'm so old I paid $90 for my SIDI MX boots ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
        Made in Italy, not Chinka of course. ๐Ÿ‘

      • Norm DeGuerre
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        It seems that the case neck gets thin after being stretched a number of times like in a Wylde chamber
        Perhaps Meke has some input here

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      Christmas, as always, was exhausting. My wife's parents are divorced, so we have a minimum of 4 Christmases every year; one with each of the grandparents, and one at home by ourselves. Needless to say, I don't look forward to Christmas much anymore.

      Closest to gun stuff I got was a gun mount for my "GoPro".
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        Iโ€™m happy itโ€™s over. My wife did get me a rifle bag I wanted. Also some warm clothes. My daughter got me a Pew Pew Pew shirt.
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          I got 2500 LC .223 cases. That was the only shooting related gift. I ended up getting a small camera drone suitable for indoor flying from my parents. The in-laws got me a larger outdoor camera drone. Both are way nicer than the cheap little quadcopters I have been playing with for the past couple years, but neither are so nice I'll be afraid to fly it for fear of wrecking. I have zero interest in one of 4 figure camera drones. They take beautiful photos and videos, but I'd be sick to my stomach if I ever crashed one.
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          I was thinking of his cannon.


          • Norm DeGuerre
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            See my comment at 3.4 by mistake

          • WARFAB
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            So you think my new barrel will be easier on the brass than my old barrel?

          • Norm DeGuerre
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            Cle 5520