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Anyone ever get flu test?

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  • Anyone ever get flu test?

    I just had it done and it's not fun! I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
    Finally joined the ranks of broke homeowner
    Am I short stroking or going to fast?

    I know he has a bush

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    Beer is like porn, you can buy it but it's more fun to make your own

    I have to bend over too far

    I get a boner.

    bareback every couple of days, GTG. Bareback, brokeback, same $hit!

    I joined a support group to help me deal with my social anxiety but I just can't seem to work up the nerve to go to a meeting......


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      Lol did they do the swab or flush and suck? Either way glad I'm not you! Seriously sorry to hear and hope you feel better soon. Did you have flu?
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        I've never had a flu test, but now I'm overcome with a sense of morbid curiosity about it.

        Thug's post is more representative of the direction things are headed with my doctor.
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        I was thinking of his cannon.