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Anybody using a Roku device to replace cable

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  • Anybody using a Roku device to replace cable

    Friend of mine has a couple of vacation rentals in Lake George and he's using one cable box in each house and all the other rooms have a Roku device to stream his cable over Wi Fi. Local cable company has App that works with Roku so long as he has one box in each house. Works great and saving him a lot of money (He's got about 10 devices between the two houses). I was thinking you could eliminate the cable box all together (but not the Internet) and get free and premium content through Roku directly
    Anybody doing this? What channels/services are you using and how much are you saving over cable? Hows it working out for you? Thanks!
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    I have Roku and use it for Netflix and Hulu. Roku also supports sling TV which let's you pick cheaper then cable packages for TV channels you stream over device as well.

    I haven't had cable in a long time and it works well for me. I actually got my first Roku because I was trying sling TV and they had some offer. Not sure if they still do or not. I did end up getting rid of sling TV though because I have netfNet and Hulu which work well for me. I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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      We switched to Greenlight for internet and a digital antenna for TV. We use an Apple TV to access the world of digital TV content. Some programs we mirror to the TV off our phones if it's only available on the internet. Not using a Roku, but it's a similar way to avoid paying for cable.

      Not relying on spectrum for internet either is the icing on the cake. Just the other day a Spectrum rep. called to tell me about their latest deal. I said we switched to Greenlight. She started pushing further and asking how much we're paying. I basically said it doesn't really matter how much we're paying because we're not switching back. That company has been run by a completely tone deaf bunch of morons. With 5G wireless on the way their last days are within sight.
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        We don't have Roku, but we do use the Amazon Fire stick, since my wife practically lives on Amazon, it made sense to take advantage of what Amazon Prime has to offer. We cut the cord as well, have Greenlight for internet, and use the fire stick to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, and SlingTV. The catch with Sling, or at least our account, is that you can only use it on one device at a time. Since we only have 2 TV's in the house, and only one of them is used regularly, it's very rarely an issue, and we have a digital antennae for local channels (I hooked it up to back feed through the old coax that the cable ran through, so it's usable on both TV's).
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          Sorry, no help here. I haven't even turned my TV on in over a year or more.......
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            Originally posted by thughes View Post
            Sorry, no help here. I haven't even turned my TV on in over a year or more.......
            +once, or twice a year I have company that will want to watch a movie
            the only time it's been on for 20 years
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              I'm using a Roku in place of a cable box on several TVs, but I kept the box on the main TV in our living room. It works ok, the app is buggy. Im actually heading towards dropping Spectrum and going with fuboTV, but I still have them for internet and phone, so the savings would be small.
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