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  • potatoes

    I thought that I had posted on this topic before, but could not find it Potatoes are the most polluted crop that we purchase
    Use this alternative
    Or If yer Irish, use two buckets ...
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    sic semper boogaloo

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    I’m on my third year of growing 5gal bucket potatoes.
    Im thinking of adding more buckets this year

    edit: now up to 10 buckets
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      I keep thinking about growing potatoes as they are one of the foods that historically allowed civilization to grow. But potatoes are so cheap in Genesee county, and I am evidently lazy.


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        They are loaded with Glyphosate
        It's sprayed to kill the vine before harvest
        sic semper boogaloo


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          mmmmm glyphosate!


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            I once had some potatoes that were about to go bad so I cut them up and threw them in the ground. I was digging potatoes up for 3 years.

            Fun fact; my cousin grows potatoes locally for the Utz dirty chips.
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            • Norm DeGuerre
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              I worked at Schuller's in Wolcott
              Is that the same Plant ??

            • camper4lyfe
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              I honestly couldn't say one way or another. I just know he grows them.