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    It looks like South Africa is having some problems. It's horrible......and interesting from a preparation standpoint. I always assumed things would have to get really bad before water supply was an issue. My thinking was that vandals and looters wouldn't target infrastructure that they rely on, so water and power wouldn't be a concern until violence got so bad infrastructure employees couldn't make it to work. Based on some of the tweets and headlines I'm seeing, it appears that infrastructure is being targeted.

    Zerohedge posted a map that makes it look like the violence is fairly localized. South Africa is 1.8x the size of Texas, so I'm guessing there are plenty of people still going about their lives as normal. But the protesters targeting infrastructure including a major port is going to cause some disruptions for everyone sooner or later.


    It sounds like citizens are banding together to defend their communities and businesses from the vandals and looters. Will the 2A prevent things from getting crazy in the residential areas in the United States if things get crazy? There are videos of South Africans defending their communities and businesses with baseball bats. Things would look a bit different in the US.
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      Massive corruption and racial tension.......kinda like here in the US.

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      The videos coming out of the destruction in SA are nuts. Now everyone is waiting in massive lines for food and gas. Give it a few days and the violence is going to start up again because people can't get supplies. Not a pretty situation.

      1.5 million rounds of ammunition looted from a container depot in Durban. Wonder what the street price for that ammo will be.
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      I was thinking of his cannon.