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  • American Contingency - Mike Glover

    Have you guys seen Mike Glover's American Contingency idea? in some ways it looked similarish to the bundy patriots thing I posted the other day over there but with a lot more immediate action & resources.

    It's worth the hour to check out his "get off the bench" little rant:

    I signed up anyway and am digging it.

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    An hour? Got a CliffsNotes version?
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    I was thinking of his cannon.


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    he had me at "go fukk yourself" ..
    sic semper boogaloo


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      He mentions "503c1"
      but there is a "recognized Entity "under "508"
      which has absolutely no Duty to .Gov
      just in the event that one may wish to start their own Church
      sic semper boogaloo


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        Originally posted by WARFAB View Post
        An hour? Got a CliffsNotes version?
        It's a network of people (patriots), and is sort of summed up in the three words they have under their logo:
        Prepare. Mobilize. Defend.

        But basically PePeshittata could be coming, we can't sit on the bench and just hope LE and big gov. is going to take care of said PePeshittata all on their own. We need to get connected and resourceful in order to counter potential PePeshittata, we can't just be unprepared and solo and expect to prosper.

        The self described intent is "To provide a platform for education, a social network, and an action arm to support and defend American lives." and is further explained in their faq's page:

        The American Contingency "about" page also says the following:
        Our mission is to create a class of Americans that are willing to protect and defend themselves, their families, and their communities from violent actors in turbulent times. We are a pro-active class that is PREPARED to MOBILIZE and DEFEND our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
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        • WARFAB
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          I'd need to read up to make sure it's not just an FBI name collection site.

        • Norm DeGuerre
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          always a concern, which is why I have no social media presence like FBI Book

        • big flash
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          definitely always a concern but i feel that ship has sailed. it's like wearing a mask in august, the cat's out of the bag already. my phone gives me ads of things i'm thinking about and haven't even said out loud.