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Bored tonight tried something new...

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  • Bored tonight tried something new...

    Pan fried pork chops. A little olive oil, salt & pepper. Let it cook a few minutes and browned each side. Threw in some rosemary, thyme, ground cummin, a little apple cider vinegar & white cooking wine. Let it cook a little more and then added some lime juice. Plated the chops and let the "sauce" cook down a bit more. Poured it over. Pretty damn good. Different. But good. LOL...
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    Sounds good,Did you cook them in a iron skillet,I know the landlord cooks them on the side burner on the grill in a iron skillet and man there very good..
    I could probably could get away with a 52 inch shaft but if I could get a 54 inch shaft that would be great as I could always adjust the length of the shaft


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      oh good! ....huff! ...this is about food. ... I was fearing you were going to talk about the other hand ! lol
      It is a shame when people demanding tolerance, have no tolerance


      • camper4lyfe
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        That was my fear too

      • Norm DeGuerre
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        for some reason my first thought was a Butt Plug .. ??
        aaahhh .. could just be my new girlfriends influence

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      I do that wih chicken. Throw in some capers. Oh wait, that's chicken piccata. LOL. Wife's new favorite and so easy to make. Slips the panties right off!

      unfortunately they are my panties. But hey....