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  • sharpener suggestions

    I cannot find a good sharpener for the knives.

    In the country house I have a stone that I got in a quarry 30 years ago and it works awesome for wet sharpening the knifes.
    when sharpening hard steel I can shave with them after sharpening with that stone.

    But I am not lucky funding anything similar around here nor it is practical for me
    to have it outside like I have in the country homestead mounted outside over mortar base I made.

    What do you guys suggest? Also something for the tools like axes. I have another one next to the
    large one that I also got at the quarry but nothing good here.

    It is frustrating not to know places to go where one can find one or simply buy them locally.

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    Bump, I'm interested as well. I have not had luck with the hand held ones that have prebuilt angle.

    I have has some luck with leather for convex edges though. I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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      I have a set of Norton water stones that work great on tools (chisels & plane blades mostly). I've used them before on knifes though and the do a good job. I have a Belgium coticule that is awesome on both knifes and razors but they are expensive. Also have a Tormek system that works pretty good.


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        I'm thinking about ponying up the money for one of the electric ones everyone is raving about. I use to be very good with a stone but I seem to have lost my touch. It would be handy to have where we cut up deer at so if you need to do a touch up you can.
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          Wow it has rained since I started that thread and all the sudden people are interested in sharpening...

          I use the same system that it has been used for centuries. I have been using the same stone
          I think there is something very romantic about looking for a suitable stone on a river bed.
          I cracked it and then started conditioning by starting with coarser stuff like farming tools.

          The one below has been serving well for 40+ years in my summer home.

          I have another smaller one that I harvested from the same river bed.

          Mother earth is the best provider of whatever one needs.

          You just need to know what to look for and if the first time doesn't work then one will learn and the next will.

          The best part is the Quality Assurance Testing...

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