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Spring project idea

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  • Spring project idea

    I'm going to try to make a leather sheath for my cold steel trail hawk. More to come...
    Athiest. Because... science

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    I'm just going to try to finish up some of last spring's projects.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.


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      Lately I find myself very interested in Yoga. I might bend only once and then break but it will be all worthy.

      It is a shame when people demanding tolerance, have no tolerance


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        Want some free leather? I just found out that a neighbor has had a dead cat under their back porch for a few years. The mom wants it gone, but she won't go under there, and the kid moved out of state. Probably just needs a little leather conditioning work to get it supple again.
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        That is a NICE looking bunch of meat!

        I can still find a use for my thumb, even though it no longer has a hole to finger.

        I could have been enjoying his nuts.