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Free Glock schwag

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  • Free Glock schwag

    Free Glock promo. Think they'll send you a pin, patch, pen, key chain, lanyard and sticker if you fill out form...

    I haven't done it but link seems legit from glockusa website.

    Just passing along in case anybody is interested...

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    Thanks CG....I'm in.
    Beer is like porn, you can buy it but it's more fun to make your own

    I have to bend over too far

    I get a boner.

    bareback every couple of days, GTG. Bareback, brokeback, same $hit!

    I joined a support group to help me deal with my social anxiety but I just can't seem to work up the nerve to go to a meeting......


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      yeah it's real
      I sent away a couple years ago for it and never got anything. They must not like me
      She wants to be your belly gun


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        Man, too bad I missed this.


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