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    Hello again, me from snowflake infested Westchester County. After a little run in with theCheese Eaters at the paycheck suplier I a able to say that I will be able to participate more. Someone told them I was running a firearms instruction business and wasn't approved by the dept for off duty employment. All is good. I don't know who or what said anything but all is good. Honesty is the best policy. I just told them that I volunteered to help some friend out and wasn't paid and that it was just for fun. OK long story short rats suck and now they can bite me.

    On another note for you Russ, I;m no longer a mod at MR LMAO!!!! The head snowflake said I was too confrontational with the other mods. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

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      Welcome back bro. Severing ties with those snowflakes is probably a relief.

      Bummer about the rat. One day they'll blab too much and tip their hand. Karma will bite them in the arse.


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        Welcome back and good luck.
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          Originally posted by Brendan2904 View Post
          Yes, and I forgot to add that Russ, Masterswimmer has been a good friend for a long time.
          Sorry to hear that.
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          we will need a separate class for my wife and for my girlfriend.


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            Originally posted by alistair View Post

            Sorry to hear that.
            Says the guy who used to be masterswimmer's good friend!