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25x45 Sharps - AR15 caliber

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  • 25x45 Sharps - AR15 caliber

    I saw a post by wildman about this caliber and I would like to correct a few things I saw in the video.

    This wildcat has been around for decades under 257-223 25-223, 25x45, etc...
    It is only now that it is being commericalized as a sharps company product and a great and simple improvement to the AR15.
    Folks would consider this caliber due to the simplicity, cost effectiveness and the performance gain for hunting and also this makes
    this round easy to shoot and reload. The ballistics are impressive when you look at the speeds and energy at the muzzle.

    Now here are my comments and considerations of the above review:

    - When he compares the energy he is wrong for both rounds. If one is going to compare rounds one needs to be very specific
    about the rifle, barrel and bullet / cartrige.

    - The sharps publishes the 87gr spreads from a 20" barrel that is a pretty good speed of 3000fps. and the muzzle energy
    for that round is 1,739 ft-lb and not 1,384 ft-lb like they mention in the video...

    - The above speeds are achieved at 5.56 / nato type pressures that is fine both for the modern brass and rifles but when comparing
    to a .223 one should use the same type of criteria. He doesn't mention what round he is comparing to but it seems he is comparing
    the sharps speeds from a 20" barrel with a rather anemic .223 from a 16" barrel. If one chooses to use high performance round
    at nato pressures also tested from a 20" barrel the numbers of the 223/5.56 round drastically increase. I am not sure why people
    who are supposed to be professional do this. They need to be a bit more scientific and objective on their analysis.
    For exampel the 5.56 75gr hornady superformance achieves 2,910fps from a 20" barrel with an energy of 1,410ft-lb.

    But this is something a lot of people miss that is very important. At 300 yards the 75gr hornady bullet is doing 2,240fps with 836 ft-lb while
    the 25x45 is doing 2112fps with 862 ft-lb of energy. So the sharps is a bit slower than the hornday with a bit more energy but at 400
    yards that continues to change and the 5.56 is faster and has more energy due to the superior in flight ballistics. See below.

    Hornady 5.56 75gr hpbt Superformance.
    Test Barrel (20") Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
    MUZZLE 100 200 300 400 500
    2910/1410 2675/1192 2452/1001 2240/836 2039/692 1848/569
    Trajectory (inches)
    MUZZLE 100 200 300 400 500
    -2.40 1.20 0.00 -7.00 -21.00 -43.40
    Item Number 81264
    H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value) 429
    Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .395
    Sectional Density .214

    25x45 SHARPS

    - All is needed for the 5.56 is nothing, just a 5.56 ammo that is cheaper than the sharps.

    I think where the sharps is great is in those areas where the 5.56 is not legal to hunt and in any case the 87gr
    is a more appropriate bullet for white tail almost replicating the ballistics of the 25 savage.

    Now, here is something else for consideration.

    There is another popular wildcat that is the 6x45 that in my opinion is a lot more verstile than the 25x45 and this is why.

    - The 6x45 also only requires a simple barrel change and in terms of magazines it works better than the sharps
    in any sort of magazine.

    - The 6mm department has a far superior bullet assortment from varmint bullets in 55gr all the way to 80-100gr bullets
    for hunting.

    - A 85gr bullet cannot achieve the speeds of the 87gr bullet from the .25 sharps but not too far behind but
    the thing is the 85gr bullet is a lot more efficient in the air and with more sectional density so they hit very
    hard. Lets take an example, the nice 6mm 85gr Speer SPBT that is also a great value vs the .25 cal. 87gr speer.

    .243cal/6mm SPBT 85gr ballistic coefficient G1=.4 SD 2.06

    .25cal Hot-Cor 87gr ballistic coefficient G1=.3 while SD is .188

    We know a 6x45 round loaded at nato pressures just like the above can be launched form a 20" LH barrel
    at 2,865fps and take full advantage of any magazine in double stack including ASC and pmags at 2.3COAL
    Ballistics Results - 6x45 85gr hpbt 20"-nato pressures 10mph full value wind.
    Muzzle 2865 1549 -1.5 0 0 0 0 0
    100 2636 1311 1.8 -1.7 -0.5 0.8 0.8 0.2
    200 2418 1104 0 0 0 3.3 1.6 0.5
    300 2211 922 -7.7 2.5 0.7 7.7 2.5 0.7
    400 2014 765 -22.6 5.4 1.6 14.3 3.4 1
    500 1828 630 -46 8.8 2.6 23.4 4.5 1.3
    So at the muzzle shows less speed and energy but at 100 yards is almost identical and at 200 yards
    is already ahead of the .25 caliber.

    So you see for short distances the .25 caliber might have the edge and it defenetly has more energy
    at the muzzle but this is really meaningless because if one gets a nice quality 20" barrel the
    6x45 gives more with less and with a lot more options in terms of varmint, target and hunting
    The .25 caliber has a limited assortmet and some of the nicer hunting bullets are too long for the
    wildcat to fit and stack correctly defeating their original purpose.

    But in any case any of the two will give an aternative for hunters with a lot more accuracy, speed
    and energy than the heavy for caliber 300 whisper/blackout and 7.62x39 that suffer from
    very poor ballistics.

    It is a shame when people demanding tolerance, have no tolerance

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    6x45 caliber assortment...

    6x45 on the right vs .223 assorment on the left.

    The 3 bullets to the right are teh 90gr sierra GK, 85gr tsx and 87gr hornady sp.

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    It is a shame when people demanding tolerance, have no tolerance


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      Thank you for the write up and sorting that out. I think its still a pretty cool round. Does it cost any more to reload over the 223?
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        N.p. the reloading should be affordable but cannot match the 243 and 6mm department for the 6x45. In the .223 one has many bulk deals for target and practicing.
        the 25 however has one bulk option that is the 750bullet value pack on speer 87gr TNT bullets.
        The rest of the cost is comparable in terms of brass, that is plentiful and many times free at teh discarding bin, primers and powders.
        It is a shame when people demanding tolerance, have no tolerance