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Stretz Tactical Low Light CARBINE - Pearl River, NY (Rockland County)

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  • Stretz Tactical Low Light CARBINE - Pearl River, NY (Rockland County)

    Stretz Tactical Low Light CARBINE

    Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 8 AM - 12 PM
    Rockland Indoor Shooting (RISE)
    100 North Middletown Road, Pearl River, New York 10965
    Cost: $165

    This is an advanced level class. Students needs to be familiar with their weapon system. Students will be required to provide proof that you attend either our 2 day carbine class or at least a 1 day defensive/tactical carbine class with a reputable instructor prior to attending our low light carbine.

    Course Outline:
    Various tactical/defensive shooting drills
    Defensive/tactical low light shooting techniques
    Reloading techniques and malfunction clearance drills

    Required Equipment:
    - Quality semi-automatic rifle, sub machine gun or carbine WITH A SLING in a suitable caliber (9mm, 5.56, 7.62x39 etc.)
    - Weapon mounted light (mandatory)
    - Hand held light (mandatory)
    - 5 magazines for 10 round magazines/3 for 30 round magazines
    - Magazine pouches/ready mag or some way of carrying multiple magazines on your body/weapon
    - Servicable Handgun in at least 9mm with 75 rounds, holster (no serpa, cross draw or ankle holsters), 1 spare magazine with mag puch (OPTIONAL, but recommended if you have a pistol permit)
    - Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
    - Wrap around eye protection
    - Earmuffs (electronic preferred) you may want to also double up and wear earplugs on the indoor range.
    - 300 rounds of ammunition NO STEEL PENETRATOR CORE (GREEN TIP) AMMUNITION

    For more information and to register:
    Stretz Tactical, Inc. provides live fire training and HR218 qualifications in the Westchester County NY region, as well as, Western Connecticut.