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Go Gauge Shotgun Follower Light

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  • Go Gauge Shotgun Follower Light

    Illuminated 12 gauge delrin follower for your shotty.

    My pump shotgun is a piece of garbage that I need to turn in at the next gun buyback. If I had a decent tube fed shotgun this looks like it would be a cool little accessory.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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    I offer my opinion; it is a cool little tube light but....if you need one of these to load you do not have enough experience on the gun or you should turn your Conservative card in and become a snowflake Liberal. Buy ammo and practice!!!!


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      I've never had any luck with after-market followers, always seem to cause me trouble (feed issues, loss of capacity, etc.).......tried several in both my 930 and my 590. LT is correct, if you can't load your shotty with your eyes closed you have problems that a lighted follower is not going to fix.
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        I guess it also has the possibility of giving ones position away.
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