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Help with a junk shotgun

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  • Help with a junk shotgun

    Picked up a beat up Mossy 500 as a truck gun. It was a freebie so I wan't expecting much. There are quite a few problems:

    1.Broken/missing safety, so its always hot

    2.Wont eject shells out of the tube onto the ramp, if I drop one in the chamber it fires and extracts fine (extracts all the cheap shells my savage wont), but wont drop one out the tube onto the ramps when i rack it. I can reach in and hit the release and drop them out fine though.,

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    I have read before that sometimes people forget to put washer back on safety connector. Then they try to pull the trigger harder and finally hear a click which is the pin snapping and then they have to replace the whole thing .

    Also when reassembling I believe you want to make sure safety is off. I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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      Interesting. I've got an old beat up Stevens pump that ejects every other shell out the bottom instead of loading into the chamber..
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      I was thinking of his cannon.