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GCL Mini Palma/FClass/Tactical

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  • GCL Mini Palma/FClass/Tactical

    getting ready to head over to GCL for their monthly mini match and wanted to share for anyone interested.

    GCL hosts a mini Palma/FClass/Tactical match on the fourth Sunday each month.

    the match is shot with 22LR with any rifle platform you have from techno radical rifles to classic 10/22 coon hunting rifles. They have a division for all.

    This month is a 100 yard match on 800/900/1000 yard reduced targets having an X-ring of nominally 5/8 inch diameter and a 6 inch scoring black. The match is shot with a 50 minute block time and 15 shots for record are fired on each of the three targets. On occasion they will have a challenge match, same course of fire but shot at 200 yards.

    This is a “belly” match (prone) slow fire and for those physically unable to shoot prone, they have a bench rest division.

    This match is in its second year and has become extremely popular.

    If you have an interest please PM me your email address and I will make certain the match director includes you on the email chain for the monthly signup email.

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