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Fire At Pac-Nor Factory

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  • Fire At Pac-Nor Factory

    This is sad.

    "Thirty-five years of my life went up in this fire,” Chris Dichter said.

    Dichter is the owner of the Pac-Nor Barreling plant, at 99299 Overlook Road in Brookings and the adjacent 10 acre property. The plant manufactures precision rifle barrels.

    Dichter made the comment as he watched flames rolling through the plant, which sits in a wooded area just east of Highway 101.

    A heavy black and gray plume from the plant fire, Wednesday morning, Oct. 23, could be seen from the surrounding area.

    While fire investigators have not yet released specific details about the cause of blaze, Dichter described what he saw as the blaze erupted inside the 7.000 square-foot building.

    “We had a part wore out on a lathe and were waiting for a replacement part,” he said. “As one of the guys moved the electrical conduit attached to the lathe that comes out of a box in the wall, some sparks flew.”

    Dichter said other employees pulled the main breaker to cut the power off and shortly after that, fire burst from the wall.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.