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Ulster County Legislature Favor Sheriff Issuing Pistol Permits

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  • Ulster County Legislature Favor Sheriff Issuing Pistol Permits

    Anyone in Ulster County?

    The change would allow Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum to issue pistol permits and add new weapons to existing permits. Currently, only judges are permitted to issue and amend pistol permits, which at times can result in a significant backlog of pending applications.
    The majority of the article is about the legislative process used to propose this change. What I'm curious about is how this will work with the SAFE act. From my perspective, this change would just further complicate an already decentralized pistol permit system in New York State. The more complicated any bureaucracy gets, the more likely for there to be errors and budget issues.

    The state already demonstrated they lack the technical ability to handle large database creation by failing on the ammo background check system. Will cross referencing all of their pistol permit "renewals" with the databases from 62 counties - some of which may or may not be digitized - be within their ability? Now add in some sheriff's department databases......
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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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    It's a stupid waste of a Judges time and the Sheriffs time, let the clerk record amendments like they used to.
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