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  • Wsm

    I have the opportunity to pick up a as new Browning BLR in 325WSM. I'm not a particular fan of the short mags (an old fashioned cartridge guy) and really like the BLR's I have in other calibers and there are countless articles of whether they will be around for years to come. That being said, the marketing ploys from both ammo and gun manufacturers do what it takes to sell to the market to keep us coming back for more.
    Opinions on the WSM's, the Remington and Ruger attempts seem to be fading more quickly as their offerings are or have become obsolete from their catalogues and special order channels.
    I must say I love beavers.

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    Sounds like a post for MEK... good luck!
    Gun and magazine bans - the government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own. President-Elect Donald J Trump


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      I would go with a 30/30 for all your hunting needs, specifically a Marlin 336A!!!!!
      I'm confused!!!!!


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        oh we got the 30-30 covered a couple 94's, a 64 and Contender pistol.
        Just want that BLR but not not sold on the WSM family of cartridges. If he comes down to a certain price point I'll do what any of us would do, buy it.
        I must say I love beavers.