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I'm thinking Utah is OK....

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  • I'm thinking Utah is OK....

    Well there you go: This lackadaisical attitude towards firearms is the main reason why Utah has such a huge gun violence problem!

    If only they would get serious and enact strict gun control laws, they could almost totally eliminate gun know....just like NY, CA, IL, etc.
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    Had an opportunity to move out to Utah after I got married wife would have none of it, lol. Spent some time out there for work. Mountains are awesome. Food/Bars/Nightlife just about non-existent LOL. Worked with a bunch of really smart MBAs bright as can be. No personality, lol. Remember having lunch at a PF Changs it struck me as very odd that all the staff were pretty white blondes, ha, ha! The "Asian" food wasn't the same as what you would expect in NY. I wouldn't have done well there in hindsight. Actually worked with a guy who was at Trolley Square mall shooting with his wife and family. They were separated him with his son and wife with other kids. They all made it out OK.
    Gun and magazine bans - the government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own. President-Elect Donald J Trump