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How often should you change out out CCW Ammo?

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  • How often should you change out out CCW Ammo?

    Is there a guideline somewhere on this? I know one thing I don't like to do is rechamber same round over and over again if I unload mine. How long do you all wait before changing it out with fresh stuff? I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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    Without rechambering you should be able to go indefinitely. I've shot 50 y/o ammo with nary a failure.


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      I don't shoot my hand guns much anymore, so once a year I take them out and shoot whats in them, oh and a lot more, hah. Never had a problem. As long as they are stored so the brass can't corrode your good to go indefinitely.


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        I'm with Master on this. I have some very old ammo which I use in my CCW. Meaning I bought it many yrs ago. Rarely do I keep it chambered longer than a month or two. Not because I am worried that it wont shoot if it did stay chambered, but rather because I practice with the ammo I intend to protect myself with. Once I am done practicing I cycle new rounds in cause the originals were the first to be fired during practice.

        I don't buy special home defense or self defense ammo cause I don't believe in it. if I cant hit you with a cheap bullet, I'm am not gonna do any better with one that costs 4-5's as much. I use Winchester, Lawman, perfecta, Federal or whatever Wallymart has on the shelf as long as its a JHP in .40 caliber (my preferred carry caliber)
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          Ammo should be rotated between every 2 months to 20 years period.
          Is it tarnished? has been wet? or perhaps no effect at all?
          I might be more worried about lint or something else getting inside critical parts due to the lack of use.

          In summary, with quality stuff have not seen a specific pattern. Before the summer I shot a bunch of ammo that had been loaded in a few magazines for 20 years and it worked
          like day one. Magazines are perfect too.

          I guess this changes based on the qualities, conditions things are carried, stored, etc...

          I don't think one keeps ammo for so long anyway with a few exceptions. At some point you are going to shoot that pistol. Specially a carry one. Some do every week.

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