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1.75" Atlas G-Hook Belt

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  • 1.75" Atlas G-Hook Belt

    I got the Volund Gearworks Atlas G-Hook belt for Christmas and felt compelled to share my impressions of it.

    I already had a thick leather carry belt that I have been using for a few years for 4:30 carry. I got the Volund Atlas slim belt last year for appendix carry and have liked using it. The G-hook closure is low profile, and it's easy to fine tune the tightness. I thought the leather carry belt I had been using for 4:30 carry was good, aside from the bulkiness of the traditional belt buckle closure, which is amplified by the thickness of the leather. The thick double layer of leather is also a bit too thick for my Alien Gear holster clips. They work, but they get stretched a bit and don't seem to clip on as well as they should because of the way they're bent open by the thickness of the belt.

    I put the Atlas G-Hook belt on my Christmas list because I figured the webbing material would fit my holster clips better, and I liked the low profile G-hook closure. I figured since I was already using a stiff carry belt the comfort level would be pretty much the same. Wow was I wrong.

    I tried the Atlas belt today and was shocked at how much more comfortable it made using my Alien Gear holster. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be any more comfortable than my old CCW belt. I just wanted it for the thinner material and G-hook closure. But dang it's way more comfortable. I assumed that belt stiffness was the big differentiator for comfort, and this new belt doesn't really seem any stiffer than my leather belt. But apparently there's more to the story than just stiffness. With my leather belt, I still have to cinch it down pretty tightly to get everything feeling secure and supported. With the 1.75" Atlas belt, I was surprised to find that I wasn't as concerned about getting it really tight and everything still felt nice and secure. That meant there was less pressure on my waist and less rubbing against my hip bones. Way way way more comfortable than my old belt. This is just my first experience with the new belt, but initial impressions are extremely positive. My expectations for a carry belt have been blown away.

    A note of caution to anyone considering it though: The 1.75" width of the belt is the absolute maximum width my Alien Gear holster clips will accommodate. It's so wide that I have to push the clips closed over the belt. There is an audible click when they snap over it. That will take a little getting used to, but on the plus side, once engaged everything is staying put and is securely locked in place.

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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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    There is two options of alien gear clips, I have gone between the two depending on belt of choice for season etc. Sounds like a heck of a belt.


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      I think I only have the one set of clips, but now you've got me thinking I need to check my accessory bag when I get home.