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    I've been toying with the idea of trying appendix carry for a while now. Some of the AA Rochester guys are big proponents of it, so when an eBay sale went nicely for me I figured I'd use part of the proceeds to buy a holster and try it out. After spending way too much time researching all the different holster manufacturers that make holsters for Steyr pistols, I finally placed an order with Fury Carry Solutions. There aren't as many companies making holsters for Steyr pistols as there are for Glock or S&W. That was probably a good thing for me because it took me way too long to sort through my comparatively limited options.
    HFront 1.jpg

    The carbon fiber pattern didn't cost anything extra so I figured I'd go for it. With my composites background I thought it was appropriate. The first thing I noticed out of the box is that the "E-block" feature shown in the photos on their website wasn't included in the holster I received. The whole arm that supports the claw wasn't what was shown on their website. I have no idea if this is good or bad, but I figure I'll shoot them an email next week and see what their explanation is.

    The holster seems to fit my pistol nicely. I'm new to appendix carry, so I'm experimenting with how to set things up. There are two positions for ride height. After playing around a bit I thought setting the pistol to the higher ride height was more comfortable for sitting and it better aligned the claw to hit the inside of my belt. We'll see if I still prefer the higher ride height after some serious time spent using it. Never having tried appendix carry before, I'm surprised how well things disappear under just a T-shirt. I can already tell that adding this holster to my quiver will lead to me carrying more often, and with more firepower.

    While the holster didn't come configured as I expected it, it did come with an added bonus I wasn't expecting: an extra claw. The holster came with two different sized claws to fine tune how it sits. I thought the shorter claw seemed to work fine so I haven't tried the taller one yet. I also ordered the optional adjustable cant belt clip.

    Based on the pictures on their website I thought that the adjustable cant belt clip made all kinds of sense. Between the wider load bearing surface and the ability to adjust angle, I figured it was money well spent. I immediately swapped out the standard clip for the adjustable one and tried it on.

    I discovered that the optional belt clip prints in a pretty major way. The clip is angled. I think the idea is that the angle clip will help pull the pistol and holster closer to your body. Instead, wheat I found is that the clip just stuck out really far and made an obvious square print in the front of my shirt. I've switched back to the original belt clip and will probably use that for the foreseeable future. Maybe I'll be able to find a different clip option online if I feel motivated. Back.jpg

    Full sweat guard on the rear of the holster. The pictures don't show it very well but the muzzle is mostly covered as well.
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    The thinner clip conceals better than the wide adjustable clip and my belt flows through it more naturally. The wider clip makes my belt do a little bit of a zig zag. But, my belt naturally sags a little bit to flow under my stomach and from the weight of the pistol. With the flat narrow clip, that means that the pistol doesn't naturally point straight up and down while carrying. Instead it points out towards my quad a little. This isn't a huge deal while standing, but it means every time I sit down the pistol jams into my thigh a little and requires an adjustment. Not the end of the world, but not idea. I switched to the wider adjustable belt clip for a couple weeks and experimented with the cant angle. I found an angle that worked and kept the pistol pointed straight down so that it was more comfortable. After determining the angle I like, I used some thickened epoxy to create that same angle inside the thinner belt clip. I now have the best of both worlds: the thinner belt clip that doesn't print, doesn't bend my belt in a funky way, and sits at the most comfortable angle.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.