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Safety Rules for Beginners?

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  • Safety Rules for Beginners?

    I am sure we all know and teach the basic ones,

    Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
    Never point a weapon anything you don't intend to shoot / destroy.
    Keep your weapon on safe until ready to fire.
    Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your ready to fire.
    Know your target and what lies beyond.

    Those are the tried and true rules of firearm safety.

    What suggestions would you all have to add to them when dealing with new shooters?

    One suggestion I have is make a rule that when you are even touching a firearm you are only allowed to listen and follow instructions. If you have a question or want to talk then you must put the firearm down or holster it. I suggest this because every time I have seen someone sweep muzzle around and point it at people is when they are talking or asking a question. I'm STIHL out of conditioner!!
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    For long guns, I feel that holding it with two hands is good practice. You have much more control over it.
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      Not just for beginners but on our backyard range I like making sure everyone repeats "Man Down range" and "Range Is Hot"


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        Great rules. The basics cover everything. I took 2 groups out recently (my brother's kids- 2 ten y/o, 1 twelve y/o) and some college friends of my oldest after Thanksgiving. None had firearm experience but ended having a great time. Told them the fundamental rules and that as long as the firearm was pointed in a safe direction (down range) at all times they would be ok. Reinforced finger off trigger between shots until ready. I think it's important to demystify firearms and show that they are just tools. Helps them think on their own rather than just accept the POV they get in school.

        I really like the rule that once a firearm is in your hands no talking. I'll be stealing that.
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          I also make them load only one round at a time until they put a minimum of 5 to 10 rounds down range. Gives them the chance to feel the recoil and learn how to load, insert and remove magazine or load/unload cylinder. Then I allow them to load up to 5 if I feel they are ready.
          Ok I can go a couple ways


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            When there is me and few others we always triple check each other out and are surroundings and say getting ready to fire and make sure everyone say it is clear before we get ready to fire..We also always make sure are guns are pointing in a safe direction..
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              Originally posted by big flash View Post
              Not just for beginners but on our backyard range I like making sure everyone repeats "Man Down range" and "Range Is Hot"

              Even at the swamps we go over safety rules, assign emergency personnel, establish a firing line, etc. One man at a time shoots, we call out "range hot", "range safe", nobody touches anything while anyone is forward of firing line, etc. Stupid people doing stupid shi t pisses me off.
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