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  • Glock Full Auto Conversions

    I've never heard of until this article. I can't stand Glocks and have no interest in full auto anything, much less is pistol, but this story intrigued me.

    For some time now, backplates that convert Glock handguns to machineguns have been available through the app from $12-$32 dollars. Some were advertised as airsoft parts, while others as legitimate 80% parts kits for licensed manufacturers, and some finally blatantly stated they were conversion kits.

    And while you may believe that no one would be so dumb as to buy them, there has been a recent uptick of Chinese auto sear use in crimes. Most of these arrests stemmed from investigations of other crimes, like this man from PA who was arrested last fall, but it would only be a matter of time before the ATF figured out a way to track these purchases. And indeed they have.

    We’ve received several reports of the ATF confiscating sears from licensed manufacturers who believed they were purchasing legitimate 80% backplates, and arresting and prosecuting individuals who purchased them. Arrests and confiscations started last week across the nation and will no doubt continue into the near future.

    Here’s a news report from St Louis County, and another from Chicago–both on the same day. If you keep your eyes to the news, we fully expect several more arrests in the coming days.

    I'm a little fuzzy on the details of this case, but I'm curious how the ATF is tracking these purchases. Could they be tracking 80% lower sales as well?
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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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    holy crap !!
    how could you hit anything with a full-on Glock ..??
    it's hard to hit anything with a pistol, not withstanding it emptying the magazine at the same time !!

    hope, and spray ..??
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