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How Many Guns Are There in the United States?

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  • How Many Guns Are There in the United States? provides a basic summary and links to this article from Weaponsman. It's an interesting point that 300 million has been the going estimate for quite a few years.

    As of 2 October, 2015, the data in A2K included 252,433,229 records, representing one firearm each. That means that at least those 250 million firearms have been manufactured, or imported, or sold at wholesale in approximately 15 years. (Duplicate records, say from a manufacturer or importer in 2000 a jobber as a used gun in 2007, don’t increment the count; the unique serial number ties those data points together as a single “record”).

    For the total count of firearms in the USA to be 300 million, the following must be true:

    (A2K + all firearms made and sold by non-A2K FFLs from 1999-2015 + all firearms made by everyone 1899-1999 + all firearms imported 1899-1999 + all firearms made or imported since October, 2015) – firearms exported = 300M.

    It seems unlikely that 5/6 of all firearms were made or imported in the last 17 years.
    Weaponsman is estimating the actual number to be somewhere between 412 and 660 million firearms, and he provides an explanation of how he arrived at that conclusion. Regardless of what the actual number is, its seems pretty safe to say that 300 million is pretty low if the ATF can provide records for over 252 million in the last 17 years alone.

    I just hope the mainstream media picks up on these estimates so that anti-gunners can lose sleep over the idea that there might be 2 guns for every US citizen.
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    I was thinking of his cannon.

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      Well I'm not sharing.

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        .... and you're making more.

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        Yes, although it is not progressing quickly enough for my liking. Awaiting tool parts.