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Hot salt bluing equipment

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    Hot salt bluing equipment

    Ready to try your hand at hot salt bluing? Perfect small shop set up here complete with instructions. Can use at your home workshop. I used this in 1 stall of a 2 stall attached garage. This is a 3 tank unit. The tanks measure 6” wide x 8” deep x 40” long. There are 2 burners and the necessary hardware to do high quality, professional grade bluing.

    This unit was manufactured by Heatbath Corp. and came with Nickel Pentrate salt for a deep blue/black color. Heatbath currently sells the finishing chemicals although this set up can be used with any of the commercial hot bluing chemicals currently available at Brownells or
    Du-Lite Corp.

    I have about 1/4 barrel of unused salts and a couple of 5 gallon pails ½ full of used salts which can be reused. I used a 20 lb. propane bottle for heating fuel when bluing which lasted a for a few bluing sessions. This worked well for me.

    I have 1 additional tank that is welded up but needs to have legs added to be complete.
    All items were stored clean, indoors, in a dry environment when not being used.
    Be the first kid on your block to do hot salt bluing. You’ll be amazed at all the new friends you’ll make…

    Sell all for $650 obo. Might consider trading for VG+ condition USA made rifle(s). Located SW Albany county. For info PM or contact me at:
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