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BRNO Persian Mauser

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  • BRNO Persian Mauser

    Starting off the Fall 2017 C&R fashion show.
    this is a early BRNO made 8 mm Persian Mauser. I was introduced to her at a cocktail party 6 years ago and the owner would not sell her to me. I've searched high and low to find one of similar condition and was not able to do so. Several weeks back the owner called and asked if I might still be interested? Instant boner and purchase! All components have matching SN and her bayonet is matching as well. Rifling and chamber reamer marks are still proud and so few shots through her that they are not burnished over yet.

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    I'm assuming this is going to be another safe queen?
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    I was thinking of his cannon.


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      Very nice! How's it shoot?
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        Quick! Set it to 1400 meters! LOL!

        Very fine looking specimen. Doubt I'll ever see one. I'm sure they are an uncommon variant.
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        That is a NICE looking bunch of meat!

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        I could have been enjoying his nuts.


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          I didn't think the Persian Empire used 8mm.
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